Top 5 Amazon Bike Shorts Review & How to Style Them

Bike shorts are a polarizing topic. Either you love them, or there is no way you would be caught dead wearing a pair. To those of you who fall in the latter category, I hope this gives you some inspiration to one day give them a try (they changed my life for the better)! Wherever you stand, I hope this post helps to give you some insight into affordably priced bike shorts out there and how to style them.

We’ll start with the 5 different pairs of shorts I recommend in order from my least favorite to my favorite. All of them are slightly different, but all of them are also $20 and under! I am wearing a size small in each which is my true size. If you’ve never worn bike shorts before, I recommend getting the same size you typically get in leggings. Let’s get started!

Number 5 – Leggings Depot

Leggings Depot

These are what I would consider the ultimate lounge bike shorts. With no compression and a very soft cotton like fabric, these are perfect to wear around the house or on days you’re feeling bloated – we’ve all been there! They are the longest pair on the list, so if you’re going for comfort and modesty, these are the ones for you!

Number 4 – HeathYoga


This pair hits about mid-thigh and has medium compression. I really like the stitching on these because it is a bit more prominent. Similar to number 5, the fabric is very soft and has a cotton like feel as opposed to the typical spandex. The reason these are number 4 on the list is because they give me slightest camel toe. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I know that is make or break for most people!

Number 3 – Voeons


This pair is slightly longer and has a fun mesh cut out on either side. These are number 3 because they have slightly nicer fabric, closer to the typical silky spandex you get with leggings. They are a little longer than mid-thigh and have light to medium compression.

Number 2 – The Gym People

The Gym People

These are the shortest pair on the list and have a unique curved seam in the back that makes them extra flattering. These have medium compression and great quality. It is easy for me to love and recommend these because most products made by The Gym People are great. This is the first pair on the list to not have a hidden pocket in the seam, but with the two side pockets, that seems unnecessary anyway and allows the waist band to have a more flattering fit.

Number 1 – ColorfulKoala


Finally, my ride or die bike shorts. I own three pairs of these and am constantly considering buying more. This pair has the highest compression, the most flattering fit, and the highest quality. This is the first pair of bike shorts I ever purchased and I have never found another pair since that compares. They hit about mid thigh and are perfect for working out, dressing up, or lounging in all day. These are the first ones I grab no matter what I’m doing. As the most expensive pair on the list (still under $20) I can confidently say they are worth the extra couple bucks.

How to Style Bike Shorts

Now that we have walked through my favorite Amazon bike shorts, I can’t leave you hanging and neglect to give you some ideas on how to style them! These are my go to ways to style bike shorts and how I would actually wear them depending on the occasion.

1 – Athletic

Athletic Style

Plain and simple, this is what I would wear to work out or go on a walk around the neighborhood. Grab your favorite bike shorts, a sports bra or tank, and a pair of tennis shoes – this one is kind of a no-brainer.

2 – Casual

Option 1:

Casual Style 1

This might be my favorite way to wear bike shorts. Any petite girl’s secret weapon to avoid looking “stubby” should be high waisted bottoms and a cropped top. It elevates the waist line giving the illusion of longer legs! With this combo I just add my favorite platform sneakers and I’m ready to run errands or just have a chill day at home.

Option 2:

Casual Style 2

Same look, just replace the cropped tee with an oversized tee! This is the perfect casual look for those who like their bum to be covered when wearing leggings or bike shorts.

3 – Put Together

Put together style

This is an outfit I would wear to small group or if we were having friend over for dinner and I wanted to look put together but still be super comfortable!

4 – Elevated Street Style

Elevated Street Style

If you want to be really bold, you can go for something super chic and add a blazer over the top of your bike shorts and sports bra. Change it up either further by pairing this look with platform sneakers or pumps! I am determined to wear this outfit some day, but I can see it being more acceptable in a place like NYC.

I hope you loved this bike short round up and got a few new ideas on how to style yours with confidence! Which look is your favorite? What did you find helpful from this post? Tell me in the comments!

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